72 Hour Emergency Go Bag


Perfectly fit to be stored wherever you’ll need it most — whether in the office, the trunk of your car, or your dorm room — the Echo-SigmaGet Home Bag is a mid-sized disaster preparedness kit that arrives ready for use.

  • One week of rations & hydration
  • First Aid Kit
  • SOG Multitool
  • Fenix Flashlight
  • Compact Tube Tent / Sleeping Bag for warmth & shelter
  • Multi-Power Radio


72 Hour Bag — Details

Floods, tornadoes, fires, and hurricanes can come with little warning. That’s why it’s important to be prepared with everything you’ll need to keep you safe with an emergency go bag. This bag is packed with up to three days of provisions, along with batteries, tools, water-purification devices, and first-aid supplies. In addition, the bag carries gear to keep warm as well as supplies to help you start a fire.

No assembly is required for your Get Home Bag; it is pre-packaged with all items organized and arranged for easy use, and the documentation is stored in a water-tight pouch. These emergency bags are designed for easy access at a moment’s notice.

On top of it all, you will receive eye, mouth, hand protection, and much more.


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