Solar Fan – MultiFunction (LED Torch, Lamp, Fan)




Our multi-function 3 In 1 Solar Fan with a Lamp and Torch Light is lightweight, portable and weights less than 2 pounds. It features a folding handle and built in tilt back feet which makes it extremely practical. It also features a built-in solar panel and rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack . . .  plus much more!

The 5 blade fan has a safety screen. It’s adjustable so you can direct the air flow to ensure your comfort. A simple turn knob located on the front of the fan controls the fan speed. A USB power supply is included and after charging the lamp can run for 6 continuous hours or the fan for 4 continuous hours.

A double switch controls the built-in 30 LED table lamp and Torch light. The lamp is also adjustable with a tilt down feature so you can read with ease. And no heat is generated by the LED lights.

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Weight 32 kg


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